Visit to Sridhara Ashrama near Sagar

02 Mar

Now we are back at Bangalore, after two full weeks at Sagar! It was a great break, and was the time when I started this whole blogging business, which I am now beginning to enjoy! I just learnt how to create this blog within Microsoft Word, and post it directly to my blog! Hope this works!

A few kms away from Sagar is a small hill where the famous saint, Sridhara Swamy, did his meditation and became a famous, respected figure. More details about him and his times can be found at the website Ratna is very fond of this saint, and from her childhood has held him and his teachings in high regard. Whenever we go to Sagar we make it a point to go there, climb the hill, pay our respects at the temple, and enjoy the peace and tranquillity in this wonderful place.

Before we climb the hill, we go to this spot at the foot of the hill where pure mountain water keeps flowing from this fount 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is called the Sridhara Thirta and I quote below from the website:

Despite the calm and quiet landscape, there was an immense scarcity of water at Varadpur. Realizing this, Shri Shreedhaswami dug out a small hole from the ground with the thumb of his right leg. A small stream of water surfaced and began flowing down. This stream, known as the Shridhar Tirtha, flows with full force till date facilitating people with water supply in abundance.

We wash our hands and feet and put a few drops on our head. There is a little pond just opposite, and some devotees bathe there before climbing the hill.

After this, we start the climb from this point, from where a flight of stone steps wind their way up the hill. We now find that we have to pause at least 3 or 4 times before we manage the climb to the top.

As we reach the top, the temple looms before us. Unfortunately photos and videos are not allowed inside the temple, so I just took this photo outside.

After finishing the darshan, and going around the temple, we paused near the wall shown here and enjoyed the fantastic view below. The whole area is verdant green and a paradise of nature. I used the “panorama” feature of the Nokia N8 for this.

Before going down, I couldn’t resist the temptation to take a panorama view of the temple premises:

By the time we reached the foot of the hill, Ratna was a bit tired and took a brief rest under a tree, next to a picture of Sridhara Swamy:

This, then, is the picture story of the visit we made to Sridhara Ashrama during our Sagar visit!

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